A Loch Ness Monstrosity to upset Nessie the monster?

by Mikko on Thu 18 Mar 2010 11:19 GMT

Now there is another plan for a new loch side complex mooted by a local exhibition centre but it appears to be a spoiler for the much needed and sensibly planned Jacobite Cruises development at Brackla and one must hope that it is quietly forgotten as an early, if tasteless, April Fools joke.

However, were it ever to be presented as an actual plan, which seems very doubtful, this scheme will be met with the most unyielding and rigorous national and international opposition campaign possible; every element of it will be subjected to public scrutiny and painstaking analysis to ensure that the more important interests of the very sensitive landscape and the community as a whole are protected along with those of hard pressed smaller businesses.

Obviously the track record of the applicant must also be carefully scrutinised. This scheme is in an inappropriate area for commercial exploitation by any sort of “tartan tat” or “fluffy Nessie” emporium and yet it is proposed by a company that seems to exist by catering to exactly that market. The Loch Ness Exhibition would appear to lack any track record for what Mr Bremner calls “safe and appropriate” development which is “entirely appropriate to the location.” One only has to look at the huge heaps of “tartan tat” and “fluffy Nessies” that confront customers at Mr Bremner’s existing exhibition and the onsite architectural monstrosity, the Drumnadrochit Hotel, to see that such an aberration cannot be allowed to be developed on the shores of the loch. Even for those who like such things, the market is already more than over supplied.

This scheme, were it to go ahead, would also put an end to any hope the Loch Ness area has of becoming a UN World Heritage Site – a designation which would help to safeguard the fragility of the unique environment (something we all know that we must carefully consider these days) and the interests of the local community as a whole.

As to the number of “jobs” created, we have seen ludicrous numbers put to these kinds of schemes before. Because we are now much better informed through long experience of past schemes (and also have to hand the history of such claims as well as access to things like Investor in People statistics etc.), it will be easy to turn the microscope onto the substance behind any details which are presented along with every other element of this particular scheme.

Unfortunately, left unbridled, there are some developers who would happily see power boat water skiing brought to Loch Ness, which is why inappropriate development or commercial exploitation of any sort must be blocked at every turn and we shall play our part to the best of our ability to protect this beautiful place.

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