Loch Ness Monster to be drowned in government’s sewage

Yes folks, it’s official. SEPA, The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (ha ha), has given permission to its sister quango Historic Scotland to dump massive amounts of raw sewage into Loch Ness from its hideous visitor centre and restaurant extravanganza at Urquhart Castle.

Locals have already seen human waste floating near Urquhart Bay so now we can expect to see and smell a lot more horrors in this sensitive beauty spot as the government defecate on our environment for simple greed. Together with many others we campaigned to get this sewage crime stopped but our views were ignored as the area’s local unelected quangos gave each other the necessary nods and winks.

It doesn’t bode well for the campaign to stop mega pylons running over Scotland but there is a council meeting on this one next month and we’ll keep you posted.

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