Nessie faces mortal threat from Avian Flu

No raw chicken

The Curator of Paleontology, American Museum of Natural History says, “[birds are] a branch of dinosaurs, so conveniently enough dinosaurs didn’t go completely extinct. One group, the birds, survived.”

Professor Kettle speaking from his Loch Ness project offices said, “…we really know nothing about Nessie’s biology and I can’t see what we can do to help her.”

This is scary folks. The experts admit that the new flu could wipe out the Loch Ness Monster and maybe there is nothing we can do about it. Read more here.

The Evil Beneath Loch Ness

I have just watched the movie The Evil Beneath Loch Ness and it has to be called a classic of all time. Shot on location in California, the imitation Scottish accents and extraordinary clothes make this film a “can’t be missed” for all Loch Ness aficionados. 

One thing this film does highlight, correctly in my opinion, is the possibility for a tunnel linking Loch Ness to the North Sea. While the tunnel may not be open all the time, powerful seismic events in the active earthquake zone under Loch Ness (the Great Glen Fault) ensure that it may open from time to time, thereby letting a monster enter and leave the loch.

Veteran monster hunter says he’s found something in Loch Ness…

A geriatric self-publicist has made his latest (and hopefully last) trip to Loch Ness to find the monster. Surprise, surprise he’s managed to find some “organic material” (ie. crud) at the bottom of the loch and apparently it’s going off for “dna analysis” to labs in the UK and USA. Well, he’s got the right to waste his own money!

We get them all here, from the naked Frenchman who sailed out onto Loch Ness on a boat covered with stretch-tight black polythene while beating a drum (to raise Nessie from the depths!) to crazed Swedes hell-bent on trapping a monster to lunatic old men who squander their life savings on homespun submarines. And then of course there is the proliferation of heavily bearded local “experts”.

Life here is crazy. This blog will serve as a testament to that!