Japanese TV Visits Us & Solves Nessie!

Here at Nessie on the Net! and Scotland’s Officially Original Loch Ness Live Cams we were delighted to work with a team from Japan who flew over and solved the mystery of Nessie. They captured images of the monster and their programme is one of the most popular on Japanese television.

Japanese TV Visits Us!
Japanese TV visits us and solves Nessie!

President Gary Campbell’s Loch Ness Lecture In Inverness

Gary's Town House Lecture
Gary’s Town House Lecture

The old Townhouse in Inverness has recently been completely refurbished and is now one of the finest buildings in the Highland capital. Today, the President Of The Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club gave a sell-out public lecture on the Nessie and the myths and legends of Inverness and its surroundings.

Drumnadrochit Village Shop Closes Doors & The New Shop Opens

Old shop in Drumnadrochit  by Loch Ness
Old shop in Drumnadrochit

It’s an eyesore that once came top in a list of all the things the locals wanted doing in the area: “#1. Demolishing the carbuncle”.

But it has done sterling service for many decades and we salute its passing. The facilities it provided were essential for the village but there is no getting around the fact, it is absolutely hideous.

Drumnadrochit's new Scotmid
Drumnadrochit’s new Scotmid.

We salute the old shop but now it’s time for a brave new world with a shop complete with cafe, laptop and smartphone charging, a bakery, hot dogs and even an ice cream machine. You can self scan your check-out, it has it all!

Any day now we are promising it will be razed to the ground and it has already been replaced by a spanking brand new architect designed green Scotmid across the road.

Countdown to Drumnadrochit’s New Supermarket T-5 Days

old shop drumnadrochit
Old food shop in Drumnadrochit

There is no doubt that it’s served the village well, but the design of the old village shop has divided the community with many calling for its swift demolition and others pleading for it to be retained as a monument to Brutalist architecture.

Whatever your view, there is little doubt that the bespoke new premises will offer a much more modern and vibrant shopping experience. The futuristic environmental new Scotmid store is due to open in five day’s time (on Friday 25th January).

We WON! Inverness Tilting Pier Ditched

Councilors finally caved in to public pressure from over two thousand signatories of this petition, this website and its sister site Nessie on the Net and many others and Highland Council Arts Committee ditched the £360,000 fiasco – known locally as The Dipping Bridge.

Bridge farce
Tilting Bridge Ends

This was a vanity project bar none, heavily promoted – indeed pushed – in the face of almost total public opposition by Inverness Provost Helen Carmichael. This individual appears to have nothing but contempt for her electorate and dismisses all the carefully submitted arguments against this, her latest proposed waste of scare resources, as the whinings of “a noisy small minority”. Well, we are the majority and you can wear all the gold chains of office and ermine that have been lifted from our Common Good Fund but we are going to keep biting at Carmichael’s heels until she does the decent thing and RESIGNS. Inverness has a Provost who must go.

Today is a victory against Provost Carmichael, Councilor Doubting Thomas and many others but we must all remain vigilant and stand in the way of their next disaster.

Boleskine House, Loch Ness , home of “the most evil man in the world” consumed by the fires of hell itself

Boleskine fire

The tiny Highland community surrounding Loch Ness was left reeling today as Boleskine House, former home to Satanist Aleistir Crowley (once dubbed “the most evil man in the world”) burned to the ground. The 18th century Grade B listed mansion was also owned by Led Zeppelin member, Jimmy Page, who bought it for its historical connection to Crowley.

Fire crews from Inverness, Foyers, Beauly and Dingwall spent hours battling flames that seemed to rise from the depths of hell itself to overwhelm and engulf the structure, leaving acrid sulfurous fumes so overpowering that emergency personnel had to wear special breathing apparatus just to get near to the site.