Much loved Ironworks to be leveled as Inverness “city” waves goodbye to culture

In an astonishing attack on culture in Inverness, plans have been submitted for an enormous and monstrous hotel to replace the city’s only real music venue.

Highland Council "art"
Highland Council art – only £400,000

Plans have apparently already been pushed through by some, including the chain-of-office loving provost [figurehead], to build a hideous concrete wall costing £100,000s alongside the formally beautiful River Ness (she effectively says “it’s art and I want it so we’re having it”). The council’s also splurging out on “people’s pillars” – small gallows-like metallic towers that have steps to a raised platform just perfect for rubber neckers to stare into the water, druggies to shoot up on crystal meth or to tragically throw themselves into the rapid and freezing currents hurtling towards the north sea; As if attempted and successful suicide jumpers at Kessock Bridge weren’t already a bad enough problem.

There is a petition to try and save Ironworks here but judging them by their actions, the council don’t care about local views and so it’s probably fair to say that, with the big bucks involved, this one is already in the bag. You can read more about this story in The Scottish Sun.

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