Killer Wasps Storm Loch Ness in Climate Change Nightmare

Loch Ness Wasp Nest
Potential killers

A huge number of wasp nests have been found all around Loch Ness as temperatures have soared to record breaking levels. The wasps are larger than average and very aggressive so people have been warned to keep their distance.

Speaking to The Loch Ness Free Press, Milot Stamervich on holiday from Bulgaria said, “we were walking down by the Loch Ness looking for Nessie and suddenly saw a large black object about ten or twenty metres out over the water. I was reaching for my phone to video it for the newspapers but then my wife screamed, “it’s buzzing towards us. Oh my God, it’s wasps”. So we just started running away”.

The area’s leading academic expert, Professor Kettle, says “people need to be careful. If you see a nest or some wasps in a group then get out of the area quickly and safely. We don’t want to see anybody injured by this nightmare and can only hope that winter weather will destroy the threat.”

Huge Nest
Hungry Larvae

Rising water temperatures in Loch Ness have already led to the discovery of Deadly Dinoflagellates with swimmers warned to take special care, so this new discovery proves that the famous loch has more than one monster lurking and stalking its waters.

The Highlands of Scotland Tourist Board was unavailable for comment.

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