Heavily Criticised Olympic Torch Disappears From Loch Ness

The Olympic torch (or, whichever one is fabled to be alight at any precise moment – apparently the “mother ship” aka an old Transit van bringing up the rearguard relights it when it goes out) arrived and left Loch Ness to little interest. Certainly Nessie, the famous monster, was nowhere to be seen having very sensibly chosen to stay at home well beneath the waves on the day.

UK citizens have been very upset that the games now represent little more than the worst aspects of over-the-top commercial sponsorship with global mega-companies (some of which don’t spring to mind as obvious “healthy” lifestyle choices) taking over everything to the exclusion of everyone else.

The used torches are also for sale to the bearers at a small price and it has widely been reported that some are turning up in online auctions across the UK for outrageous prices. It all makes the whole sorry spectacle leaving an even more sour taste.

Well, the good news is that the circus has now left town and serious Loch Ness researchers like Professor Kettle can settle down and get on with the important work of cryptozoological research.

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