Two thirds of Invernessians Think Highland Capital is a Carbuncle

by Mikko on Sun 21 Mar 2010 09:52 GMT
The Inverness Courier asked its readers “Does Inverness deserve its nomination as an architectural “carbuncle”? and so far 69% have voted yes! This comes after millions have been wasted on a scheme called Inverness Streetscape and must call into question the whole mechanism whereby decisions about the once beautiful old city are made. Put in a nutshell, the streetscape scheme is a disgraceful flop that is now hated by many and £1 million over budget and its not even finished.

In fact, thousands of pounds more were also wasted on “street art” whereby graffitti artists were invited to spray rubbish of any kind onto the walls of vacant retail units. Some was vandalised or even used as open toilets by people leaving pubs and clubs.

Apart from voting themselves ever bigger living allowances and magnificent – and free – three course lunches (available to councillors everyday) the people elected to look after this area really don’t seem to know or care what goes on.


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