Loch Ness in monster disaster as UK airspace remains closed

by Mikko on Fri 16 Apr 2010 09:30 BST
UK airspace remains closed until Saturday at the earliest due to the volcano in Iceland which is still erupting. So if you are travelling to or from the Scottish Highlands (to see Nessie, the cryptid Loch Ness Monster) then unfortunately you are stuck. Effectively Europe and the rest of the world now remains isolated from Britain.

People are advised to check with their airline and the the BBC News website.

Professor Kettle reports serious problems with cryptozoology. “Many colleagues were due to arrive here from overseas to help with our research project and all of that is on hold. We are also very worried that the ash falling from the skies is highly acidic and may harm the aquatic life including Nessie”.

“People from the Shetland Isles are already reporting volcanic ash from the eruption in their mouths and lungs and a sulphur smell in the air so we are expecting trouble soon”, he added.

Dr Pott is concerned that the long dormant super volcano beneath Loch Ness could now erupt. “We are monitoring the seismographs very closely because if this volcano erupts it will blow apart half of the Highlands and could create a twenty year winter across the northern hemisphere triggering a new Ice Age”.


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