Loch Ness and a Spanish Food Fiesta

by Mikko on Sun 25 Sep 2011 08:36 BST
Well,so far it’s been a quiet year in Loch Less but we aim to change all that at Nessie on the Net with geat enhancements to the to the Officially Original Loch Ness Liive cams as well as other great things.

We were delighted to visit Digwall recently and came across a wonderful new Spanish food and drink shop called SpainSun Delicatessen Products. It’s s owned by Nelly (from Madrid) and her husband Enrique from Barcelona.Please give it a visit and mention Miikko and Aulikki

We believe in Nessie and we think late September 2011 onwards will be a brilliant and busy time up here – so stay tuned.


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