Highland Councillors deny seeking to “rent themselves out like taxis”

by Mikko on Mon 22 Mar 2010 10:32 GMT
It’s being called the Tartan Taxi-gate: As senior government ex-ministers including Stephen Byers spoke to an undercover Sunday Times journalist and said he was available for rent “like a taxi” to lobby government for a fee of £5000 per day, Highland Councillors have denied that they also want some of the lucrative action for themselves.

Already exposed for slashing and burning key programs like elderly care and help for the homeless, Highland Councillors instead voted to continue to give themselves a huge daily three course lunch – free of charge. Now the Highland Hungry Bellies are looking for even more ways to make money off the back of their “service to the community” including lavish international “fact finding holidays” (sorry “missions”). The Highlands may be falling off a cliff as services are cut and roads disappear into potholes but the Hungry Bellies will always be sure to expand one thing – their personal girth.

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