Monster hydro electric scheme planned for Loch Ness

by Mikko on Sat 07 Nov 2009 11:42 GMT

News is just coming in of a proposed monster-sized 600mW hydro electric installation at Loch Ness. It would be the largest in Scotland and one of the largest in Europe. Offering no more than one or two full-time local jobs (running these things is all done remotely) it is being planned by SSE Scottish and Southern Energy – the company that appears to care nothing for Scotland’s picturesque landscape. Just take a look at what they are building between Beauly and Denny: over 100 miles of giant sized pylons that will completely blight some of our most beautiful areas. The plant at Foyers and the broken one at Fort Augustus also produce noise pollution and are in every way unsuitable for this wonderful place.
There are many reasons to opoose this development and we will be following it very closely. It surely promises to finally ruin Loch Ness as a beauty spot and environmentally sensitive area – and for nothing but corporate greed.

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