Nessie the Loch Ness Monster triumphs over Scottish smokers!

The new smoking ban that covers ALL enclosed public places in Scotland is a great success. Despite the rantings of the smoking minority and threats to break the law, that hasn’t happened. See this piece in the Daily Record. No doubt one or two anti-social diehards will make a big point of making themselves look like fools by having a drag or two in a pub or shopping mall they face an on the spot £50 fine and any companies that permit or fail to prevent smoking face an on the spot fine of £200 per incident or £2500 upon prosecution. Persistent offenders can be put out of business.

Nessie was delighted to see that a new smoker detector (yes that’s smoker, not smoke) has been invented which “sees” the heat signature of a lighter or match as the violator lights up. It can trigger a camera to take a photo so that the person can be successfully prosecuted. Ain’t technology wonderful?!!

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