Loch Ness Monster living in fear of bearded Taleban-style fundamentalists

News has emerged that Nessie the Loch Ness Monster is living in fear of a bearded Taleban-style regime that seems sworn to make people give up their own beliefs that she exists and is alive and well in Scotland. “It really isn’t fair”, said Nessie. “I have been living in Loch Ness since the last ice age and yet some much fresher upstarts think they can just grow a beard, put on a serious face and a mock-posh accent and tell my followers that I am not real. Personally I think they are a bunch of formally unqualified, bearded fundamentalist Taleban look-alikes who are hell-bent on imposing their own quasi-religious, pseudo-scientific anti-Nessie claptrap on my followers. So I’m asking all my friends out there to rebel against them and to boycott them and make sure the world knows that I do exist. Just ask all the people who have seen me with their own eyes!

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