Kanasi Huguai – Nessie has an oriental cousin, China’s Loch Ness Monster

Just when we all thought there was only one old plesiosaur left in the world, news has arrived of Nessie’s relative in China. Kanasi Huguai lives in Lake Kanasi. This beautiful and remote lake is 200,000 years old, about 15 miles long and a mile wide. It is over 4,000 feet up in the Kanasi nature reserve in Xinjiang’s northernmost tip, where China, Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan come together in snow peaked mountains. The lake is about 150 feet less deep than Loch Ness.

Leading Loch Ness project leader Professor Plume has said that he is “very excited” by the news and will be speaking to Chinese academics and colleagues about the monster very soon. It is understood that an official request for his help and expertise may be made. The professor, a world-leading volcanologist and cryptozoologist, is particularly keen to discover the processes that have allowed plesiosaurs to reach a high mountain lake, where tunnels linking it to the sea (such as those that exist at Loch Ness) seem impossible.

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