Japanese TV interviews leading Loch Ness Monster Expert

Viewers in Japan will soon be able to enjoy a new TV programme about the Loch Ness monster and probably the global leading researcher in the field, Mikko.

Japanese TV visit Loch Ness webcam
Japanese TV visit Loch Ness webcam

Mikko has been working with academics and pseudo scientists for decades to finally uncover the truth behind Nessie. Professor Kettle has used much of his work in his own Loch Ness project, which is available in the Nessie on the Net Loch Ness internet exhibition website.

During the documentary we visited the stunning location used for the 1970’s Loch Ness Investigation Bureau’s survey. This is a particularly atmospheric location and, as you can see from our video, you can almost feel Nessie in the murky depths.

We’d like to thank our visitors from Japan for a very enjoyable time and look forward to their wonderful documentary.

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