Japanese TV interviews leading Loch Ness Monster Expert

Viewers in Japan will soon be able to enjoy a new TV programme about the Loch Ness monster and probably the global leading researcher in the field, Mikko.

Japanese TV visit Loch Ness webcam
Japanese TV visit Loch Ness webcam

Mikko has been working with academics and pseudo scientists for decades to finally uncover the truth behind Nessie. Professor Kettle has used much of his work in his own Loch Ness project, which is available in the Nessie on the Net Loch Ness internet exhibition website.

During the documentary we visited the stunning location used for the 1970’s Loch Ness Investigation Bureau’s survey. This is a particularly atmospheric location and, as you can see from our video, you can almost feel Nessie in the murky depths.

We’d like to thank our visitors from Japan for a very enjoyable time and look forward to their wonderful documentary.

“Headless chicken monster” may have traveled from Loch Ness

In today’s UK Guardian newspaper the startling discovery of a “headless chicken monster” in east Antarctica has been announced. Our parent site, Nessie on the Net! has been warning locals and visitors for many years not to throw dead chickens into Loch Ness as we feared for Nessie’s health. Additionally, monsters resembling headless chickens have been reported all

Headless Chicken Monster
This monster is already feared in Loch Ness and may have migrated to Antarctica.

around the loch. Professor Kettle, leader of his project at Loch Ness said, “I fear that the headless chicken monster has migrated out of Loch Ness and

may be spreading globally. This could be a cause for concern so we will have to start a new scientific investigation without delay”.

More about the Antarctic monsters here.

Drumnadrochit outrage as council charges 50p for a pee

Highland Council has decided to milk people with a pressing need to pee by robbing them of 50p  a go at the main car park toilets.”I am disgusted”, one eminent local who did not want to be named told this blog. “It will mean even  more people do their business in my garden and nobody here wants that.”

Dubbed the “brown tax”, Highland Council has denied that they may introduce a higher flat rate charge or optional prices depending on what the visitor intends to do in the facilities.

50p for a pee
50p for a pee – monster toilet charges

Highland Council are unrepentant and insist that someone has to pay for their members’ daily free lunches and boozed up evening events.

Our handy tip: Twitter @highlandcouncil to say they are taking the pee and make use of places that offer free toilets.

We WON! Inverness Tilting Pier Ditched

Councilors finally caved in to public pressure from over two thousand signatories of this petition, this website and its sister site Nessie on the Net and many others and Highland Council Arts Committee ditched the £360,000 fiasco – known locally as The Dipping Bridge.

This was a vanity project bar none, heavily promoted – indeed pushed – in the face of almost total public opposition by Inverness Provost Helen Carmichael. This individual appears to have nothing but contempt for her electorate and dismisses all the carefully submitted arguments against this, her latest proposed waste of scare resources, as the whinings of “a noisy small minority”. Well, we are the majority and you can wear all the gold chains of office and ermine that have been lifted from our Common Good Fund but we are going to keep biting at Carmichael’s heels until she does the decent thing and RESIGNS. Inverness has a Provost who must go.

Today is a victory against Provost Carmichael, Councilor Doubting Thomas and many others but we must all remain vigilant and stand in the way of their next disaster.

Boleskine House, Loch Ness , home of “the most evil man in the world” consumed by the fires of hell itself

Fire engulfs Boleskine House by Loch Ness
Fire engulfs Boleskine House by Loch Ness

The tiny Highland community surrounding Loch Ness was left reeling today as Boleskine House, former home to Satanist Aleistir Crowley (once dubbed “the most evil man in the world”) burned to the ground. The 18th century Grade B listed mansion was also owned by Led Zeppelin member, Jimmy Page, who bought it for its historical connection to Crowley.

Fire crews from Inverness, Foyers, Beauly and Dingwall spent hours battling flames that seemed to rise from the depths of hell itself to overwhelm and engulf the structure, leaving acrid sulfurous fumes so overpowering that emergency personnel had to wear special breathing apparatus just to get near to the site.

Open Day At the New Drumnadrochit Health Centre, Loch Ness

Villagers got a chance for a look behind the scenes as the finishing touches are put to our spanking brand new Drumnadrochit Health Centre. It is a wonderful example of fine architecture and design – from the heated wooden floors to the low energy LED lighting, spacious naturally lit rooms and a biomass boiler heating system (you can click on any photo for a full scale version).

Drumnadrochit Health Centre
Drumnadrochit Health Centre – entrance

The new centre has more than enough space to cope with the existing population of Drumnadrochit, Lewiston, Milton and the outlying communities. However, plans are already on the drawing board for increased housing at the village and this new facility has a full length roof space, pre-trussed and ready to be easily converted into more accommodation as needed.


Drumnadrochit Health Centre - inside entrance
Drumnadrochit Health Centre – inside entrance
Drumnadrochit Health Centre - looking in from entrance
Drumnadrochit Health Centre – looking in from entrance
Reception Desk
Reception Desk

Looking into consulting rooms from reception
Looking into consulting rooms from reception
Looking into waiting room from reception
Looking into waiting room from reception
Well lit waiting area
Well lit waiting area
Eco friendly biomass boiler
Eco friendly biomass boiler
Ample car parking and a bike rack too
Ample car parking and a bike rack too

Here is a link to our old Surgery. It has served the community very well over many years but is now just too small with no possibility for incorporating modern medical advances. But we are all more than grateful for its years of good service.

If you are interested to read more about the biomass heating system, here is a link to an article with more photos inside the boiler house and the centre.

Also, while the ground was being dug in preparation for the new health centre, archaeologists uncovered a Bronze Age Cist Burial Site. You can read about that amazing discovery here.

Many thanks – as ever – to Nessie on the Net, Scotland’s Top Award Winning Loch Ness Monster Website – for hosting this blog. It’s “More Than Monstrous!”www.lochness.co.uk

Nice new photo of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster?

There is a nice new photo in today’s Daily Mail of a possible Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. Resident expert Professor Kettle isn’t sure though: “It does look very much like a boat wake. The weird standing waves and undersea currents in Loch Ness often cause things that look strange to folk who come across them for the first time.”

However, dedicated monster hunter Mikko, of Nessie on the Net! and the Loch Ness Live Cams said, “it is clearly a creature swimming just below the surface of the loch. I’ve seen this time and again and it adds to the irrefutable proof that a cryptid (unidentified cryptozoological beast) is living in Loch Ness.”

Tell us what you think of the photos, you can see them in today’s Daily Mail newspaper.

The Real Loch Ness Monsters – Fort Augustus Abbey

Over twenty possible victims of the Fort Augustus Abbey and Carlekemp School sexual abuse scandals have been identified by police as they research terrible details of what looks like the story of the Real Monsters of Loch Ness.

There is more about this in the Inverness Courier. Specialist police teams are investigation allegations of sex abuse by some monks dating back to the 1970s.